At Christy Webber Landscapes, we work with commercial property managers across Chicagoland to produce high-quality landscapes that look great and feel great. Whether you’re looking for design, construction, or maintenance services in Chicago, you can count on Christy Webber Landscapes to deliver expertise and a smile. For more information, call us at 773.533.o477 or email us at

1. Retail: Our retail property managers expect prompt and timely scheduled services that don’t impede their foot traffic. We understand that our clients only get a split second for someone to decide to pull in and buy something, and we hope that our landscaping welcomes clients to their business.

  • Jiffy Lube
  • Kohl’s
  • Walgreens

2. HOAs and THAs: Our high quality landscaping services is perfect for your home. We work closely with property managers and condominium boards to achieve your dreams.

  • The Carlyle
  • Carl Sandburg Village
  • Lake Meadows

3. Banks: We provide professional landscape maintenance services that appeal to the banking industry. Our full service landscape maintenance will achieve a clean, trimmed, and weed free appearance for all of your banking clients.

  • U.S. Bank

4. Grocery & Food Industry: We maintain and enhance the grocery store’s landscaping by providing seasonal color and various other landscape services to help the grocery industry focus on food, not waste.

  • Mariano’s


Landscaping + property = added value. As American Landscape Contractors Association explains at its web site, “A well designed landscape invites customers to the door, producing higher occupancy rates, increased rentals and lower vacancies.”

Weather Alert

Fall and cooler temperatures are just around the corner. Fall is a great season to perform turf work. As evening temperatures dip towards 50°, seed and aerate your lawn with the appropriate seed.