Staff Directory

Adam Abbas

Yard Manager

Anais Placido


Andrew Kibbe


Angel Iniguez

IT Specialist

Angela Liegel

Vice President, Business Development & Marketing

Antonio Rangel

Operations Manager

Aurelio Lara-Anaya

Operations Manager

Barbara Perlman


Ben Ubben

Sr. Account Manager

Benjamin Himschoot

Design Principal, PLA, ASLA

Brogan Maloney

Junior Account Manager

Carolina Grasso

Purchasing Clerk

Christy Webber

President & CEO

Clare Johnson

Marketing Manager

Dan Fish

Project Manager

Daniel Gerdes

Director of Commercial Maintenance

Daniel Sarabia

Operations Manager

David Wilcox


Deb Penyak

Project Manager

Denise Holland

Production Manager

Dulce Antunez

Accounts Receivable

Efrat Appel

Assistant Manager - Farm & Garden

Elizabeth Smartt


Esther Betancourt

Contract Administrator

Evelyn Araque

Executive Assistant

Faith Wu

Assistant Controller

Felicia Solebo

Accounts Payable

Francisco Murillo

Senior Operations Manager

Hector Godinez

Senior Operations Manager

Jaime Williams

Payroll & Accounts Receivable Manager

Jaimie Kunce

Accounts Payable Manager

Jasmine Cabrales

Safety & Risk Manager

Jennifer Crump

Senior Account Manager

Jim Waldschmidt

Project Manager

Johanna Prado

Design Assistant - Farm & Garden

John Alexander

Account Manager

John Chew

Operation Manager

Jonatan Figueroa

Operations Manager

Jose Arreguin

Account Manager

Jose Medina

Operation Manager

Juan Gonzalez

Assets Administrator

Juan Solano

Operations Manager

Karli Snell

Administrative Assistant

Laura Hernandez

Customer Service Coordinator - RR Landscape Supply

Laura Racelis

Project Manager

Leo Estrada

Assistant Manager - RR Landscape Supply

Loren Hizel


Marco Gomez

Operation Manager

Maria Flores

Payroll Administrator

Marina Post

Farm Manager - Farm & Garden

Mario Rangel

Operations Manager

Matt Draus

Director of Estimating

Matthew Buck

General Manager - RR Landscape Supply

Matthias Scheidler

Account Manager

Maurice Smith

RR Landscape Supply

Melanie Boyna

Logistic Analyst

Michelle Serrano

Site Manager

Neal Biske

Operations Manager

Nichole Downey

Purchasing Manager

Noah VanKooten

Director of Snow Management

Omar Vaca

Operation Manager

Paul Fish

Project Manager-Construction

Peg Isaacson

Contract Administrator

Renee Young

Manager - Farm & Garden

Ricardo Flores

Operations Manager

Rob Knapp

Account Manager - RR Landscape Supply

Robby Salgado

Admin & Receiving Manager - Farm & Garden

Roger Post

Chief Financial Officer

Ron Gorz

Director of Construction

Rosendo Vitela

Operations Manager

Rudy Muro

Operations Manager

Samari Soto

Human Resources Assistant

Sandra Fonseca

Account Manager

Stewart Parazaider

Account Manager

Tony Butterworth


Trish Curtis

Director of Construction and Enhancements

Will Serge

Landscape Architect, PLA

Xazive Parra

Asset & Risk Administrator

“Every bird is important.”

Christy Webber, President & CEO

Weather Alert

Fall and cooler temperatures are just around the corner. Fall is a great season to perform turf work. As evening temperatures dip towards 50°, seed and aerate your lawn with the appropriate seed.