Work In Progress

United Center East Addition

Developed through a joint venture between the Chicago Bulls and Blackhawks organizations, the new six-story building will provide office space for all United Center employees. Connecting the United Center to the new office building will be a multi-story atrium space that will enclose the Michael Jordan statue and provide a public space for a wide range of events.

Christy Webber Landscapes is currently teamed with HOK and is providing landscape architecture services for the entire site. Flanked on both ends of the atrium space will be large plaza spaces that will help attract visitors and fans into the United Center. Within the plazas will be benches, pedestrian lighting, custom tree grates, and planter curbs, and a diverse range of landscaping. In addition to the plaza spaces, the landscape scope includes all new entry landscaping on the eastern side of the office building, extensive parking lot plantings, underground water storage, and a 25,000 square foot extensive green roof. The project is scheduled for completion in the spring of 2017.

Soldier Field Memorial Waterwall Revitalization

Framing the north side of the stadium, the Memorial Waterwall provides a dramatic entrance to Soldier Field as well as a unique backdrop to the museum campus and city skyline. In recent years the space has become neglected and the landscape has been all but removed. After continuous discussions with SMG, the group that manages the stadium for the Park District, the CWL team developed a revitalization plan that restores the space to its formal glory.

As part of the development of the design, the team is addressing pedestrian accessibility, plant material survivability, soil conditions, irrigation, planter edging, and seating. Currently, the design proposes to incorporate custom angled steel edging onto the existing planters. The new planters will complement the existing materials of the space while raising the planter height out of the pedestrian thoroughfare. Flanking the corners of the planters will be perforated stainless steel panels that incorporate prominent military quotes from US history. Additional panels will be provided for the inclusion of individual messages commemorating Chicagoland veterans. The project is scheduled to be completed by the Bears first home opener of the 2015 season.

Openlands – Chicago Public Schools Garden Program

Through the utilization of stormwater impact fees, Openlands employs City funding for facilitating the design and construction of stormwater BMP’s and school vegetable gardens at various school sites throughout the entire Chicago Public School system. The Christy Webber Landscapes team has served as lead designer and contractor for approximately 20 school gardens since 2011. Our team is responsible for the coordination and implementation of the garden designs as well as siting and designing stormwater BMP facilities.

In addition to various design tasks, we work closely with Openlands and Chicago Public Schools to identify areas of impervious surface removal where BMP’s could be implemented. During the construction phase we work with Openlands and students on plant installation and layout through student installation days. The final implemented gardens act as an outdoor laboratory where students can interact with the natural environment, grow vegetables, and learn about sustainability. Current schools that are under development include Kozminski Elementary Community Academy, Daniel Webster Elementary School, and Keller Elementary Gifted Magnet School.

Soft Restoration – North Shore Gas and Peoples Gas

We work with North Shore Gas and Peoples Gas to provide soft restoration services for the City of Chicago and the northern suburbs.

“Make no little plans; they have no magic to stir men’s blood and probably themselves will not be realized.”

– Daniel Burnham, American architect and urban designer

Weather Alert

Fall and cooler temperatures are just around the corner. Fall is a great season to perform turf work. As evening temperatures dip towards 50°, seed and aerate your lawn with the appropriate seed.