Community Outreach

Christy Webber Landscapes’ Edibles Division partners with many community organizations across Chicago to provide materials, labor and trainings to support the urban agriculture programs and community greening initiatives. We assist in the creation and implementation of production gardens, pollinator gardens, and community orchards.  This specific site hosts an urban agriculture training program in vegetable production, fruit orchard management, community composting with Nance Klehm’s Ground Rules, healthy soil building, healthy eating and entrepreneurship programs.

Project Specs

Client: North Lawndale Greening Committee and Lawndale Christian Development Corporation
Project Size: 4 City Lots
Team & Affiliates:
Permaculture Desiger: Annamaria Leon, North Lawndale Greenin Committee: Dr. Shemuel Israel, Lawndale Christian Development Corporation: Tracie Worthy, Hope House: Bruce Calhoun

Weather Alert

Summer is in full swing. The 1st few weeks after planting are crucial to the long term health of your newly installed landscape. Be sure to keep your lawn and landscape watered throughout the warm season.