North Center Residence

This design/build project allowed the Christy Webber Landscapes team to be creative and have fun. Using bright, bold colors, we designed the deck and yard to became a climbing, sliding, hiding, playing, adventure art gallery for two lucky children, their friends, and even a few grown-ups. And the best part – it’s low maintenance, easy to clean, and has built-in storage. In the eyes of the children, this backyard is a children’s paradise. In the eyes of the parents, this backyard is a children’s haven.

Project Specs

Client: Single family home
Team & Affiliates:
Designer: Tony Butterworth; Project Manager: Trish Curtis; Field Supervisor: Ryan Brill

Weather Alert

Summer is in full swing. The 1st few weeks after planting are crucial to the long term health of your newly installed landscape. Be sure to keep your lawn and landscape watered throughout the warm season.