Magnolia Residence

Formerly a 19th century neighborhood corner grocery store, this single-family residence has been in the same family for decades and both house and yard were showing loving signs of wear and tear.

The Christy Webber Landscapes (CWL) team began with engaging an arborist to prune the mature tree canopy which, originally planted years ago by the homeowners, had grown to excessively shade their primarily north-facing yard. After pruning, the additional light shed onto the understory set the stage for the garden to come back to life.

The CWL design-build team integrated the front building entry into the landscape with a new porch addition to compliment the architectural style of the vintage building as well as formally acknowledge the otherwise ambiguous location of the main front door. While functionally providing a protected point of entry into the home, this porch also serves as a covered exterior place of respite from which to enjoy the garden no matter what the weather.

Existing clay and bluestone pavers were blended with new in-kind material to expand the reaches of paths and patios; exterior building and landscape lighting systems were supplemented with new fixtures to illuminate the garden throughout. Existing exterior wood stairs and decks were repaired and refinished; a new ornamental wood privacy fence and gate were installed to dress the perimeter.

The family patriarch most desired an outdoor fireplace to focally anchor their exterior lounging terrace and to extend the time – both at the beginning and end of the season – during which the garden could be experienced, despite cooler temperatures.

Project Specs

Client: Single Family Home
Team & Affiliates:
Designer: Tony Butterworth, Project Manager: Trish Curtis

Weather Alert

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