The Kitchen Community

We are proud to partner with The Kitchen Community to bring edibles and design outdoor classrooms for Chicago Public Schools across the city. Students have the ability to plant, nurture and eat fruits and vegetables straight from their schoolyard. The custom planters are packed with kale, strawberries, tomatoes, swiss chard, squash, basil and other herbs.

Project Specs

Client: The Kitchen Community & Chicago Public Schools
Team & Affiliates:
Project Manager: Trish Curtis, Field Supervisor: Ryan Brill

Weather Alert

Winter is here, Chicago, and it's time to make sure your landscapes are ready for the cold season ahead. A few tips from our experts: be sure to wrap your arborvitaes to protect them from the wind and snow; make sure your leaves are picked up to avoid potential icy hazards; shut down and put away fountains and/or fountain pumps and clean out and prepare your bird feeders for winter visitors.