Food and the love of food is often what binds people together.

Our Edible Landscapes and Gardens Department collaborates with individuals, families, corporations, institutions, municipalities, and communities to transform mundane, underutilized areas into beautiful and bountiful food-producing landscapes. Whether it’s for personal consumption, a community garden, community outreach and education, urban agriculture, or a CSA, we are committed to helping people reconnect with nature and eat local, healthy food.

Windy City Harvest Apprenticeship

Chicago | IL

North Lawndale

Chicago | IL

MLK District Garden & MLK Peace Path

Chicago | IL

Christy Webber Farm & Garden Center

Chicago | IL

The Kitchen Community

Chicago | IL

Millennium Park

Chicago | IL

“From the community design process to getting the garden contours just right, all the way to installing the raised vegetable beds, Christy Webber’s team has helped dozens of community gardens take root in Chicago.”

Ben Helphand, Executive Director of NeighborSpace

Weather Alert

Fall and cooler temperatures are just around the corner. Fall is a great season to perform turf work. As evening temperatures dip towards 50°, seed and aerate your lawn with the appropriate seed.

To learn how Christy Webber Landscapes can help with your edible landscapes project, please contact us at edibles@christywebber.com or (773) 533-0477.