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About Christy Webber

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Christy Webber

In 1987 after one year of teaching P.E. at Regina Dominican (an all-girls Catholic School in Wilmette).  Christy Webber knew teaching was not going to be her career.  Her drive and love of sports got her this far… a P.E. degree from the University of Denver playing college basketball and out of her small town Montrose Michigan.

But at 28 years old it was mother nature that won the immediate battle of “what to do with her life”.  Being a down home country girl, a lesbian and living in Chicago was the perfect combination to start a mowing business!  With help from her mom (mom financed her first red truck) and lesbian friends that owned homes, Christy started cutting grass.  All the mowing she did around her family’s house in Michigan gave her great skills to cut tiny little lawns in Chicago.     

By 1994 Christy incorporated the business calling it Christy Webber & Co. and by 1997 the name changed to Christy Webber Landscapes.

Hard work, humility and hiring are the keys to her success.  Christy will personally tell anyone that her business was and always will be about the people that work for her.  She took chances on those that had no more chances and hired professionals in areas of her business that she didn’t understand.  What Christy brought to the business was an undying love of Chicago’s landscapes.  At 57 years old, with a staff of 400 people and over 38 million in revenue you will more than likely see her somewhere in Chicago, driving a dump truck, operating a skid steer or cutting your lawn!  From Millennium Park to vacant lots on the Westside she is still driven to make Chicago a more beautiful and peaceful place to call home.